Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Friends / Old Friends

The one unique thing I've found about sailing people, is that you can meet someone you've never met before and within an hour you're old friends. We had the opportunity this evening to take some folks out to Fast Eddies, a very famous eatery in Alton, IL for those of you who don't live near here. These folks, along with their Yorkie,  left Minnesota a few months ago and are working their way down the Mississippi to the Ohio River where they will then head off to Kentucky Lake and then South to the Gulf eventually, timing their arrival to coincide with the end of hurricane season. They're doing this in a beautifully restored 1976 Pacific Seacraft, a work of art that is the responsibility of two very talented people. They happened to be stopping in Alton for a few days and a mutual friend of ours suggested we might meet. We had a great meal, helped them with a provisioning run, and enjoyed some Dairy Queen. It was an excellent evening spent with old friends gaining a terrific amount of cruising knowledge and stoking the wanderlust fires.  If you would like to follow their progress you can do so on their blog

Susie, Bob, and Tim

The Pacific Seacraft Heron with terrific sunshades

Ship's mate Wicket


Sabrina and Tom said...

Ahhh....glad you all were able to connect. I wish I could have been there. I guess for now, we will just follow along on both your blogs.
Sabrina & Tom
s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

Bob and Susie's Big Adventure said...

So glad to have met you and appreciate soooo much running us around. We waved as we went passed the arch about 12:30 today. We are now anchored out off Calico Island mile marker 147. A wonderful breeze came up about 7:30 so we are enjoying that. Sorry, we couldn't meet Sabrina & Tom but will do that in the future. Deb - Love the photos, especially Wicket's. And once again Thank You!