Thursday, July 28, 2011

Counting days

Thursday. It has only been 3 days since I was last on Kintala but I can hardly wait to head to the boat tomorrow. When did I get this attached to being on the water? With trips scheduled to start early Monday morning the city will beckon come Sunday evening, so it will be a bit of a short weekend. We had expected family to be visiting from PA this weekend, but they had a change of plans. The to-do list will be our main companion this weekend instead.

Nothing wrong with that; the work has to get done. It still seems an overwhelming list, but the fact is barely 130 days have passed since we bought this boat, with just 100 or so having passed since she first got wet in Lake Carlyle. When looking back over what has been accomplished since then, well, maybe the list isn't so overwhelming after all? If push came to shove we could flop Kintala into salt water tomorrow and head off. Even with the to-do list far from complete she is now a stout, mostly dry, virtually-all-major-systems-at-least-functioning-reasonably-well ocean cruiser waiting for a chance to strut her stuff. There is absolutely no reason she couldn't leave Port Everglades and set her bow towards the West End. Well, no reason except for being in a land-locked lake in IL and lacking anything resembling serious navigation equipment. Truth though? I'd head out on that trip with a hand-held GPS (or maybe 2) and a paper chart without much qualm.

I am starting to count the days before we might (might I say) head for that salt water...two-hundred and sixty two?

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