Friday, June 17, 2011

Odd thoughts

We pulled the old name off of Kintala's flanks last weekend. It seems a pretty minor issue given all the serious (and expensive) work that has been done. Yet it had a pronounced effect on my connection to the boat. Encore is no more. Kintala is home. (And no, we haven't done the prescribed rituals that are supposed to go along with renaming a boat. We will certainly have a pretty good party one of these days, but I am no more concerned with sailing superstitions than I am with social or religious ones.)

Managing a perfect docking is as satisfying as getting a squeaker of a landing in the jet.

We had a chat with our investment guru last week. (Nice guy but a small time guru; we are, after all, small time investors.) The good news is that we are actually gaining on the goal of heading out without being dirt poor. Much as I love the idea of a cruising lifestyle, I have no interest in living in poverty. Been there - done that - not again. When we go is still a bit of a question. The house has been on the market for several weeks without a single serious, or even casual, inquiry. My guess on where the economy is headed is no better than yours.

While talking with the guru I realized that our vision of cruising has changed somewhat. There is no more talk of having a land-place somewhere to store a few things, and a motorcycle or two. (It does help that my all-time favorite motorcycle got totaled out from under me. Parting with the GSXR would have been hard. Actually, now that I think of it, it was hard. Selling it would have been easier.) If it doesn't fit on the boat we don't want our name on it. When the urge to ride (or just to get off the boat for a while) gets too much we will rent or borrow some bikes and remember what its like to be landlubbers again.

I loaded the picture of us sailing Kintala; sails flying and all heeled over, as my computer background. Every time I see it I wish we were gone; that the brown water of the lake was the blue water of the Atlantic; that there was no land to see on the horizon.

We will have to start learning the tricks to short-handed sailing on this thing.

I need to get out of the hangar and on my way to the lake.

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