Saturday, May 28, 2011

A . Sail . Boat

We've had a new boat now for a few weeks, but I've had a little difficulty calling it a sailboat because until today it didn't actually have any sails on it.  Since the halyard fiasco, we've only managed to get one halyard installed, the only one that we had on the boat that was fit to be used, the inner forestay halyard.  All the other halyards are on order and are on their way here, but for now we only have the one.  So today in the middle of all the little projects that we had to accomplish we decided to stop and try hoisting the couple sails that we have for the inner forestay just so we could actually have a sail on the boat.  The sail up, we stood back and admired her.  Even so scantily clad she was pulling at her dock lines and ready to go.  I can hardly wait to see what happens with her full suit on.  Seeing as tomorrow is supposed to be a perfect sailing day, we may just take her out on the lake and see how fast she'll go on the one sail.  So now we have A . Sail . Boat.  In the most literal sense since we only have one useable sail.

On another note, one of my projects was to do something about the port lenses.  We have Beckson ports on this boat which are great ports, but 30 years of wind and weather and dirt in the screens have taken their toll.  To plug Beckson's site a little, they do an admiral job of detailing parts for their ports and making them available for any port that they've ever built in the history of the company.  I had been scoping out the replacement lenses, but they were $38.95 each.  Not a bad price don't get me wrong, but we have 13 ports in our boat and that just wasn't in the budget.  A friend of ours at the marina suggested we try a new  product he'd seen, Meguiars Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit.  I picked one up and brought it out this weekend and I was completely impressed.

Here's the before:

And here's the after:

So if you have old ports in your boat, give this stuff a try.  It took me about 40 minutes per window because ours were so bad, but definitely better than the bill for 13 new ones!

And yet on another note in the continuing what-did-we-pay-for-in-the-survey saga, I took the propane bottles to the propane place today to have them filled and it appears that we have illegal bottles with the old valves on them that are many many years out of date.  Seems like that might be worth mentioning in a survey, no?


Ed said...

Tim and Deb,
I see you've raised the staysail! Congrats. Who's building the new mainsail for Kintala? Are you planning to add the club boom and roller-furler for the staysail?

We were planning on playing hooky last Tuesday to join a group of boats that anchor off the Naval Academy, but alas the Blue Angels were canceled due to safety concerns revealed at the Lynchburg show last weekend. :-(

We ended up redoing all the teak on-board. It looks great!

Enjoy your sail,

TJ said...

Ed, UK Halsey in Chicago built our mainsail; full battons, loose footed, with a Tides Marine track system. Two jibs came with the boat, a 130 and a 140 to go on the furler. It looks like the 130 is in better shape so we plan to fit that one first.

At this point I'm not planning to fit another furler. The babystay and running back stays can be stored away to clean up the deck when sailing under as a sloop rig.

I heard about the Blues, those guys don't screw up manuvers very often - must have been a scary moment. (I spent 3 seasons working for an airshow team, we did a lot of shows with those guys.)

Our teak is looking good, I'm can't wait to get it all done.

Ed said...

So what is the next project on Kintala? Last season we added a NexGen 3.5 KW generator on board so we have AC (both current wise and AirCon)on the hook, best thing ever.

This season we are looking to upgrade the NavCom and radar. It's time to go digital! The front runner right now is the B&G Zeus system.

What are you planning on this front? Have you donated your Loran C to a museum ;-)


TJ said...

The LORAN is long gone, we will wait a bit before making nav / radar decisions.

The next major big-buy items will be a dodger, mainsail cover (we will make that ourselves) and then replacing / repairing the head system.

Ed said...

We have UK Halsey as well on Tardis. We have a 110, 130, 160, staysail, main, and a asymmetrical chute. They have aged well but it I am thinking about a new set for us. As we were heading out for a sail yesterday we had a kayaker come up and say we have the best looking boat at the marina, and we are surrounded by swans, hinkleys, and sabres. I bet you get the same opinions about Kintala at your marina as well.


Bill K said...

Along with the tank that hot water hose would have been nice to know about also.

Bill Kelleher

Unknown said...

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