Sunday, March 13, 2011


...actually, more like playing hooky. Well, to be honest, more like getting a time out. The endless house projects finally overwhelmed my usual aura of gentle goodwill, humor, endless patience and general helpfulness. Upstairs an entire floor needed the furniture disassembled and lugged downstairs, old carpet and mat pulled, and squeaking floors fixed. Outside the sun finally shown, the temperatures finally rose, and barely an hour away a boat swung quietly on its lines needing covers removed, sails installed, and some general end-of-winter TLC. But house work commenced. The first round of heavy lifting was completed, most of the carpet was out of room #1, and painting (Ooos Noooos...more painting!) was about to commence.

About then Deb stopped and said, "You know, the rest of today is mostly a one person job, and that person doesn't have to be you. I think you should go out to the lake and get some stuff done on the boat." Now, in my defence, (weak as it is) I didn't run out of the house laughing. In fact I continued working for a while longer. However, the second time she suggested I go to the lake? Some things are suggestions, and some things are really, really suggestions. Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to the lake I go.

There were far fewer people at the marina that I would have guessed, eight, with three of the total employees of the marina. Eventually night feel, the employees went home, two of the five (one having worked in fiberglass all day, the other grinding bottom paint) headed for the showers. The scattered three put away tools, closed up hatches, and then gathered with the two at the clubhouse. Charcoal was lit, food gathered, and soon the five were munching on steaks, potatoes, salad and veggies, all washed down with a sip of Rum & Coke. After the dishes were done four of the five headed to boats for the night, yours truly headed for the city.

This morning work commenced once again. My usual aura of gentle goodwill, humor, endless patience and general helpfulness restored.


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