Sunday, March 20, 2011

Promises, promises

The first day of Spring always seems like a day of promises to me. Brown will give way to green, the days will get brighter, sunshine will last longer, and I will finally feel warm again. And this first day of spring was about as perfect a day as possible.

We made it to the lake yesterday evening to crash the "Burn your winter socks" party put on by Carlyle Yacht Club which is based at the other end of the lake. And they really did burn some winter socks, though it was cold enough for me to keep mine firmly on my feet. Good food, good conversation, and good folks make for a good night. Long after the sun called it day we found our way around the lake and snuggled into Nomad's V-berth for the first time this season.

The assumption is that this morning dawned on the cool side after a night of rain. I really wouldn't know since it was long after dawn before I worked my way up the companionway, but it was still kind of cool. Breakfast included talk of enjoying the warming south winds by getting in the first day of sailing. And we almost made it. The list of chores to get Nomad underway after a winter's respite got accomplished okay; fluids checked and topped, water heater lines connected, lines and sheets and various bits of rope run here and there and where they are supposed to go. But when we pulled the house cover the wood trim over the ports was really ratty. Not normal ratty, but flaking paint twisting up like matter fur, bare wood showing, ratty. A situation totally unacceptable for a boat about to up for sale. The air was dry, the temperature was nearing 80 degrees (on March 20!) making it a perfect day for the application of sandpaper and Cetol...and since we were at it might as well get the step and hatch cover handle. By the time we were done the day was pretty much spent, as was I. Nomad will remain at her winter berth for a couple of more weeks.

And I made myself another promise. The house has a brand new tile kitchen and dinning room floor, new tile kick panel around the kitchen cabinets, new carpet in all the bedrooms, redone bathrooms, excess furniture stored, and fresh paint everywhere. Why? Because it is going up for sale. Instead of sailing Nomad we spent the day getting her ready to sell, and felt pretty good about it when we got done. But I swear the next house I live in and the next boat I own (Both of which we hope will be The Tartan.) I'm going to get up every morning and say to myself, "This thing is for sale!" Then I'm going to keep it near perfect for us, not for some unknown potential owner.

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