Thursday, March 17, 2011

And he said...

..."There is little chance we will buy this exact boat."

Today the magic green flowed and flowed again, and this exact boat now belong to us...signed, sealed, and yet to be delivered.

Just goes to show what I know. Next weekend we hope to attend a "Good Old Boat" party at Crowly's and spend our first night on The Tartan. (We really, really need to find a name for this thing!) This weekend we hope to spend a night on Nomad. That should make for an interesting comparison even though the little boat is floating and the big boat is sitting on the hard. I suppose stranger things have happened, but the fact that we own two boats at the moment, one in Chicago, one in Carlyle, one a cute little Com-Pac, the other a huge (to us) 42 foot Tartan; is ranking pretty high on the how-did-this-happen-meter. (Actually, that meter has a different name, but this is a family show.)

June 8, 2008 and little Nomad was about to hit the water for the first time. My post? "Let the games begin." Man, I wasn't kidding!


TaylorMad1 said...

I vote for the name "Gone Nomad" more pics please.

TJ said...

Hard to get pics when we are in St. Louis and the boat is in Chicago. There will be many when boat and crew manage to be in the same place at the same time.