Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time to spare...

...go by air.

Holed up in a casino in Iowa. Not supposed to be in Iowa, supposed to be in Missouri. Hard to get from Iowa to Missouri when one pushes the start initiate switch for the #2 engine of the jet and nothing happens. No "zoom-zoom." I've nursed a lot of less-than-perfect airplanes to the end of a trip over the years. But no "zoom-zoom" is a show stopper.

The six VIP types in the back of said jet, the reason we were in Iowa and supposed to be going back to Missouri? Not happy. Meetings cancelled, plans changed, scheduled shuffled, but they made it to Missouri after an all day rental SUV ride. Which was still faster than trying to get from where we are to St. Louis with a plane change in Chicago. Particularly since the weather is in the process of falling on its ass yet again. It is just starting to snow here, with 5 inches expected by morning. Replacement part for broken jet is supposed to be here tomorrow as well, so we may get home before the weekend.

Which would be good since the club's NO-BOAT party is this weekend. We get together for some food, drink, and winter stories. Those who have been to the BVIs or SVIs or other interesting (as in warm) places share the fun. I hope to hear some good advice about getting a Tartan 42 on the lake, set up for living, and on its way to salt water. Yep, that means that, so far, the Tartan deal is still unfolding. We have scheduled an engine and rigging inspection since the survey came in okay. A shipping company is on line, and we have even talked with a sail maker. (The Tartan has no main at the moment.) I will not consider it a done-deal until the bank moves the money to the seller's account, but so far it is all good.

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