Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lazy Sunday

From the north shore to the south shore, ice.  From the end of the breakwater to the inlet of the marina, ice. Even most of the slips, ice. Hard to believe the air temperature was hovering around 60 degrees.

Little Nomad rested easy at her winter pier, bow pointing north. Layered in a house cover and boom tent she had shed most of the tons of ice and snow that have buried the Midwest these past few weeks. Much has happened since the last time we spent a day on her; the trip to Bahamas on a 47 footer, the Chicago boat show, and the second trip to Chicago to look at the Tartan. We have begun the final prep-work to put the house on the market. As soon as The Big Boat is safely on the lake, (be it the Tartan or some other, as yet undiscovered potential home) Nomad will be on the market as well.

I thought our modest Com-Pac would seem kind of small when we boarded her again, but it wasn't so. She seemed just right for what she is, and what she has been to us. We brought the battery charger on line, turned on a heater to warm up the inside a bit, open some hatches to change the air, checked the bilge, and inspected the lines for chafe; all of which took about 10 minutes. Then we just stretched out in the cockpit, let the sun soak into our winter-weary faces, and listened to the armadas of snow geese as they took over the lake. The crush of activity surrounding preparations for pulling the trigger on this project has already started, but today was nothing short of a perfect lazy Sunday on the boat.

Nomad's slip is still in the ice


TaylorMad1 said...

I can see you are not in Michigan!! that looks like spring there.

TJ said...

We don't know that its spring yet, though it is supposed to be pretty warm this week. I'm just hoping the worst of this winter is behind us.