Monday, January 31, 2011

I was hoping to commit a little aviation this week with a two day trip to places south. That was until the good folks at NOAA starting talking up a storm of "historic proportions" headed our way. The initial freezing drizzle and rain is supposed to start within the hour, to be followed by a serious ice event, significant snow accumulation, dropping temps and building winds. By tomorrow a full on blizzard should be visiting these parts. Unnecessary travel is being discouraged with all acts of aviation being postponed to next week. (Pretty much all acts of anything taking place out of doors should be postponed to next week.)

Instead of prepping for a trip I am prepping the house; big pile of dry wood by the fireplace, dishes done and put away, salt ready to be deployed - persons anchored off a warm beach should feel free to gloat. I would if I was you. (And I thought last winter was never going to end!)

David from Australia emailed to ask about the Fidgi in Ft. Lauderdale as he is thinking of buying same. From his neighborhood to Ft. Lauderdale is a bit of a hike just to look at a boat and maybe I could save him a trip? I was pleased my look-see could be useful to someone else, but I also felt a bit of a twinge. Deb really likes the idea of a Catamaran home. Sailing Lady Marian was a true revelation, such a fun boat to sail and living on a 40' cat is living in style. That 39' Fidgi would need some laying on of hands, but when done it would be damn close to equalling the Lady. I can't quite shake that boat out of my brain...

But taming a Cat will drain at least a couple of years out of the cruising kitty. And therein lies the rub, though even a mono hull couldn't get me out of here before the ice starts.

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