Friday, January 14, 2011

Fidji 39 pics

As requested, here are the Fidji 39 pics








Unknown said...

Hi Tim

I live in Australia and I saw you post on “The Retirement Project” about your visit to the Fountain Pajot Fidji in Palm Beach Florida.

I recently communicated with Derek Escher of the Multihull Company about the boat. In my case it is difficult to actually view it before you make an offer, get a survey and then fly over to see it.

I have downloaded all the pictures you have posted and are wondering if you have any more?

As you met the owner, did you feel he would have been prepared to negotiate on price?

As I notice you have an existing boat I wondered if there were any items you may have noticed relevant to the general condition of the boat, as I would be sailing it across the Pacific back to Australia.

As far as I can see there is no HF Radio, Life Raft, Solar Panels or EPIRB.

I would appreciate anything that you can let me know about the boat.

David Bishop

TJ said...

David, my email is tjakey at Wehave some more pictures of the boat and I will be glad to chat with you about it.