Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Photo Essay of Bahamas Bash 2010 - John Kretschmer Sailing

 The Ship - Quetzal, a 47 foot Kaufman

 Leaving Cooley's Landing at SW 7th Ave.

 Sailing South to Miami for a better aim at crossing the Gulfstream and having some hope at ending up in the Bahamas

 After a night of sailing the West End Bahamas comes into view

 I have my first stamp in my passport and I'm ready to go swimming!

 Quetzal at the dock in West End Bahamas

 The beach at West End, Bahamas


 We totally wore John Kretschmer out.  Allen, our chef, takes a quick nap before whipping up his first masterpiece.
 Our dinner is caught and freshly delivered to our dock.  7 lobster tails and 4 conch, cleaned while we watch.

 We were here :)



Allen the Magnificent preparing our first incredible meal aboard.  From ocean to table in less than 2 hours.


Shipmate Glenn from Connecticut takes a turn at the helm

 Downwind sailing at its best with the whisker pole

 Shipmate Sergey from Vancouver takes the helm

Caution:  Objects off port stern quarter are larger than they appear

 John and I escape the sun under our jury-rigged sun shade.


 Quetzal's teak decks are awesome!

 Two old friends have some time to catch up

Sergey always kept us laughing

Captain John Kretschmer

 Tim and John talking sailing

 Approaching the cut at Hoffman Cay

Quetzal at anchor at Hoffman Cay

John with Quetzal

 Not exactly the cove at Carlyle Lake...

 Blue Hole at Hoffman Cay

 The rocks around Blue Hole at Hoffman Cay

 Hoffman Cay






 The Captain hard at work (It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it right?)

 Leaving Hoffman Cay and heading off on the last 24 hour sail to Ft. Lauderdale



 The mark for the Banks where 3,000ft of water suddenly becomes 20ft right out in the middle of the ocean.


Back in Ft. Lauderdale

Oh yeah - it is nearly Christmas, isn't it?

 I'll take this one...

 Sergey doing a wonderful job leading us through the canal back to the dock.

 The welcoming committee at the dock.

Tim trying to ignore the fact that the trip is over


RichC said...

Nice photos guys ... a bit cooler than expected?

Deb said...

It was great when we were docked or anchored, but in the wind and at night it was pretty chilly. Considering the fact that we left there and went straight to Pittsburgh, PA where it was snowing and 19 degrees....I'll take the Bahamas "cold".

Unknown said...

I've been waiting to read about your trip -

Looks beautiful, but how did it compare to beating to weather in Long Island Sound in a boat that was as leaky as cheesecloth?