Monday, November 15, 2010

De bolt...

Saturday, dropping into the 40s, a cold rain that is supposed to let up, but good winds, and I'm finally back on Nomad for the weekend after a bunch of days the road. In other words...must go sail...must go sail! So we hanked on the little jib, rigged the main to the first reef, pulled the covers, stowed what little is still below, started the engine and...and; "What is that noise?"

"Noise? You mean that faint rattling, buzzing kind of this-is-a-new-one noise coming from the engine area? I can't say."

Turns out the noise was coming from a loose (as in the threads shaved completely clean) 6mm X 1.00 little cap screw that just happens to hold the inboard end of the alternator bracket in place. Oops...must fix boat...must fix boat. Two choices, oversize the hole, tap new threads into the pot metal casting and install a bigger bolt. Not a bad idea, that. A better idea would be to find a 6mm X 1.00 heli-coil kit and fix it with a stainless steal thread insert. But finding such a kit in Carlyle? We tried but (as expected) struck out. Kit to be ordered for next weekend.

The engine did run well enough for us to move little Nomad to her winter berth, a spot much (Much!) closer to the bath and club houses. A serious consideration since the water is already off at the docks and the pump-out is closed for the season. Midnight strolls to the land-side head lack any redeeming value at O-dark-hundred in below freezing temps.

We may still squeeze in one last sail next weekend. All we need do is bolt.

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Allan S said...

Found your link on Zero to Cruising. Enjoying your blog. Yes, Heli-Coils are the answer....Allan