Friday, October 1, 2010


Or maybe near miss, you can decide. Three machines define my sense of adventure and my way of experiencing some of what life has to teach us; Nomad, the jets I fly, and the silver / black, somewhat customized GSXR-1000 I have ridden for the last 4 years. The GSXR is missing, lost in some police yard somewhere awaiting sentence from the insurance adjuster.

The bike disappeared into officialdom soon after I sailed over the hood of an errant black Mercedes that simply took me out by turning left across my lane quicker than I could react. There wasn't an intersection, parking lot or drive way in the car's intended line of travel, so I have no idea why. But the front grill hit me full on the left side, sending the GSXR to the yard and me to the ER. Though I don't know for sure yet, I suspect the bike is totaled. I came off much better though not unscathed; broken finger (which really hurts) chipped ankle (which doesn't hurt too much) and assorted bumps and sore spots.

It would be one thing to lose the bike by tossing it down the road at a buck+, overcooking some sweet back road corner. But to get left-turned on a city street where there wasn't even a left turn to make? F#@! me. And you just know we'll get burned on this one. Thirty + years of riding and 1/4 million miles, and I have never seen or heard of a police report that pointed to the car in a bike v. car crash, ever. The biker is always at fault. No reason to think I will be the exception to that rule. Anyway, the endless rounds of phone calls and paperwork have begun, soon to be followed by suites & suites (lawyers & law).

My riding is done for the rest of the season. It looks like I'll miss some of the rest of the sailing season as well. I'm not sure docks, lines, toe-rails and crutches play well together. We are going to make the boat show, and I should be as close to 100% as I ever get, for the trip in Nov.

But I am going to miss my GSXR.


S/V Veranda said...

We're glad to hear that you're okay. Rarely do bikers get to write about their car vs. bike encounters, consider yourself blessed. We'll look for the gimp on crutches at the show.

Deb said...

If you and Christy wanna meet for lunch or drinks during the show just email and we'll exchange #s

nineballcrazy att yahoo dott com