Monday, October 18, 2010

Miscellaneous Boat Show Pictures

I'm a little behind the curve in the photo posting because I've been just a little busy taking care of the injured.  Here are a few pictures from the boat show that I didn't get in Tim's original post.

Tim in the front cockpit of the Chris White Atlantic 57

Tim at the interior helm station of the Chris White Atlantic 57

Even with the new Hunter interior in the Gemini 105 I still can't connect with it.  Sorry all you Gemini lovers.

The Tomcat 9.7 on the other hand has some very smart design features - just a few feet too short for a full ocean-going catamaran.

The Gunboat 66 "dinette"

The Gunboat 66 Lounge

The Gunboat postage stamp galley sans fridge and freezer

The Gunboat 66 fridge and freezer in the utility room only accessible through the head (Uhhh excuse me for barging through your shower but I need to get a glass of milk).

The Passport 47.5 center cockpit - My vote for the best monohull of the show.

The Passport aft cabin queen island bed.

Separate shower stall

The V-berth queen island bed

Second head/shower

Companionway / Galley...This is one seriously nice boat.

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