Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boat show prep...

I was kind of hoping the good folks at the boat show would tie all, or at least most, of the Cats to the same pier. Given my status as the "The man who walks with sticks" (I'll bet the Native American version sounds better.) a minimum number of steps would be a good thing. But the Atlantic 57 is on C, the new interior Gemini on K2, Gunboat is tied to D, (The Gunboat is my "Lotto Boat" and this may be the only chance I have of actually touching one.) Fountain Pajot is on B; you get the idea. So if you are at the boat show, get irritated at the slow pace of the crowd, notice that you are tied up behind some wanna-be on crutches, and feel a good bitch coming on, take a deep breath and relax. I will be going as fast as I can.

(If there is more than one stick-walker at the show, I'll be the one in the green Tilly hat. And if you really do want to bitch remember this; I just got knocked off my favorite motorcycle by an eejit in a Mercedes, the docks are narrow, and I will be carrying two big aluminum clubs.)

Deb was thinking of visiting a few off-sight, used yachts, that are for sale in the Annapolis area. With the exception of the Chris White designed Atlantic and the Gunboat, there are really no new boats around the show to see. There are certainly no boats at the show we can reasonably expect to ever afford. So it seemed a good idea to wander around some. But that may be too many steps.

And a difference from our other trips to Annapolis is that this year there will be some people around the show that we know, and maybe some others that we hope to meet. Though we will still gawk over the boats we are not newbies anymore. As in everything, the people have become the focus of our plans. People who have become friends, friends and family we hope to spend time with once on the boat, and people, maybe in far away places, that are friends still to meet.

ps. The insurance man called today. When his list reached $7000+ in damages he called the GSXR officially toast.

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