Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Boat Show - Take II

Leaving for the boat show! Well, not today but soon. We need to pack tonight since we are going to a concert Thursday night and head for Annapolis early Friday morning. (O-Dark-thirty early - "Can't pry my eyeballs open" early - "This is still last nigh" early. You know, EARLY.)

A few months ago it looked like the boat show was going to be pretty sparse. It seemed the manufacturers were anticipating a small crowd with no $$ to spend and so were saving $$ of their own by staying home. But in recent weeks it looks like they (the manufacturers) decided to be a bit more optimistic after all. The most recent boat list suggests that the docks will be full of all kinds of neat stuff. Though everything at the show is going to be far out of our price range, there are still a couple of boats I am looking forward to boarding for a tour; in particular the Dufor 40, the Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41 and the Southerly 42RST. (At the moment I think the Lipari 41 would be the boat I would be writing a check to cover, should I hit the lottery.)

Even better than the boat show is the chance to see Matt, Tiff, Campbell, John and Lara again. A year is too long. (Little Campbell will not be so little this trip!) Some day we hope to drop anchor in Annapolis and have the whole crew on board to visit us.

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