Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I, on the other hand...

...am probably 6 months to a year behind Deb in my "walking away from the land" transition. (Not that I am going to let her cast off without me!)

I really had a good time the last two weekends being just a wandering biker again; no real plan other than the day's ride and the anticipation of time spent with people who have a similar interest. (Ten's of thousands at Indy, just 7 of us in Arkansas.) Tracking Deb's big ZX-14 on the way home, coasting over the hills along Rt 160, the fog burning away, the day getting warmer, (and going at a much saner pace than we had the day before) it really was hard to imagine a better way to spend some time. And though I feel the passing years as much as anyone I never really have the idea that I'm too old to do things I can still do and enjoy; an attitude that might change drastically should I ever toss the GSXR down the road at a buck +!

(Last week THE BOSS of our company asked what I was doing over the weekend. I told her we were going to Arkansas to give the State Troopers someone to chase around. She asked if I was ever going to "outgrow" such antics? I suggested, since I am already 54, that it didn't look like it. And its not just me. One of our riding buddies and new friends from this last weekend's road games is a young 63, recovering from a nasty $1.20 night crash suffered a while ago, and feathered the rear tire on his R1 right to the edge. There's the definition of a sport biker for you!)

Still, it would have been fun to drop the lines on Friday evening and not return to the dock until Monday evening...

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