Sunday, August 23, 2009


I can always tell how good our weekend of sailing was by how bad a case of "tilt" I have when we get home. "Tilt" is the memory of sailing that our inner ears bequeath to our brains even after we stop tilting on the boat. Early on I had it bad enough that I had to hold on to the shower walls when I closed my eyes in the shower - even 8 hours after I put my feet on solid ground. Now that we've been sailing all these months I only get it after a lot of lively sailing or a particularly long time of sailing, both of which we got this weekend. It was the perfect weekend and I have a major case of tilt. Unfortunately, pictures and video wash out the wave heights so no one believes you unless they experience it themselves. I'll leave you with one nice picture though and I'll let Tim tell the rest of the weekend's tales since he does it so much better. Suffice it to say that it was the perfect weekend. I couldn't have made it better if I had special ordered it.

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