Sunday, July 5, 2009


We missed being on the boat this past holiday weekend but we missed for a good reason; we were in PA visiting family. Visiting family is always a good thing, maybe not as good as having family come visit us on a catamaran, but we haven’t actually had a chance to try that one out yet. So we “helmed” the pickup east along concrete river route 70 at a constant 65.173 knots, (more or less). It was a good visit and it would have been an easy trip home except, well, it was another 10 hours in the truck (which was about 10 hours more than I needed in one weekend).

Though not on the boat family and friends talked a lot about our plans for the boat. It was fun to tell some of our stories and explain our goals to folks who mostly just try to figure out what we are up to from this blog. If I’m not mistaken a couple of them may come to visit us at some future date on some distant shore.


MattMc. said...

Sorry to have missed everyone on the 4th. Sounds like it was great!

See you in October though!

TJ said...

We are looking forward to October as well. It will be good to see all of you again!