Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not quite Monday yet

Nomad stayed in her slip today. It was a great day for sailing and I had every intention of trying a little single-handed work. But before heading out I decided I really should fix the leak in the porthole over Deb's side of the V-berth. That didn't take too long and since I had a fresh tube of sealer open it seemed like a good idea to fix the leak in the aft overhead hatch. Ahh that? That took a little longer, most of the rest of the day longer in fact. The last person who put in that hatch took the "quantity is better than quality installation" approach in regards to clear silicone sealant. There were gobs of that stuff everywhere, even smeared onto the part of the hatch that hinges up! Hours of work with a wire brush in the drill, alcohol soaked scotch bright, and sweat dripping off my nose still wasn't enough to get it completely clean, but at least it is better. In fact it is so much better that (naturally) doing the front one is now on the "to-do" list.

I didn't go sailing but Deb decided that she needed to spend a night on the boat before going back to work. Which makes this a pretty good night.

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