Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17?

I know that's what the calendar says (well, the date on my phone anyway). But I wonder. It is barely 70 degrees in little Nomad's cabin at the moment and the weather gurus suggest it will be 59 come morning. The humidity is so low that I actually stepped outside today without my glasses fogging over. For a second there I was concerned that something had happened to my eyes.

I have to say it couldn't have come on a better weekend. Last week had a couple of long flying days in it, the kind that beat you up just enough so that even a good night's sleep isn't really enough to recover. Next week is going to just be a plain old grind. We head out Monday mid day and will not be home again until Saturday; 17 legs, 6 cities, 20+ hours of block time, more duty time than I can count, departure times that range from 0700 in the morning to 2200 at night, and full loads of passengers and bags. Fun really, but the kind of fun that can wear a person out. A weekend on little Nomad is a good way to take a deep breath before plunging into the coming fray.

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