Monday, May 25, 2009

Home from Paradise

So we learned how to handle a big Cat. We sailed in the biggest waves we have yet seen, waited out weather, and spent the night on the hook in near gale force winds. In addition we explored a new cruising ground that I would love to visit again, heard some great music, met some good people, and spent some quiet time in the Navy Museum (appropriate on the Memorial Day Weekend).

After leaving Lady Marian we headed north, making it to Nashville for the night. With an early start this morning (Well, not that early. It was still vacation after all.) we decided to stop by Boulder for a few hours and see how Nomad was faring. By the time we got there most of the holiday weekend crowd had already disappeared with a few die hard types still poking around their boats and just a handful of sails out on the lake. Friends Jeff, who sails Gale Force, and Jim, skipper of Spinning Dreams, were planning to take Jim's boat out for a quick sail and invited us along. It is impossible to get in too much sailing in a week, so of course we said yes. Just clear of the slip Jim handed the helm over to Deb and off we went for a "final, final sail" of our vacation adventure. It turned out to be a good one too. The winds piped up enough to us to see 6+ knots and for the first time this week our ride took on a pronounced heel. A last little bit of Paradise to finish off what, in the end, turned out to be a perfect week.

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