Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day Four

In the guise of experiencing the cruising life, we headed out today to venture into locales unknown while biding our time waiting for the weather. A very short drive took us to the Naval Air Museum where we spent most of the day browsing through interesting history and learning about some of the men who made our freedom possible at great cost to their own.

Here's a picture of a 3 story flag at the museum

The Blue Angels Display

And a model of one of the first aircraft carriers. Can you imagine trying to land on this thing? I guess not as bad as the poor deck monkey that had to put the sandbag-anchored lines back in place to hook the next plane... (click on it to view the big version - definitely worth seeing the detail in this one)

We had a chance to see the IMAX movie Fighter Pilot, which is not for the airsick prone, since it's on a 7 story tall screen that's 85 feet wide. Definitely worth the eight bucks. We stopped on the way back to the marina to pick up a couple paperbacks and we've spent the rest of the afternoon luxuriously reading and listening to the wind still howling in the rigging and tearing at the palm trees across the inlet.

I forgot to post a couple pictures from last night. I took a short walk on the beach across from our boat and happened to notice that my footprints were falling next to a great blue heron's. If you know how big my feet are, you can appreciate this picture. A great blue heron with size 10 feet...

And lest I be accused of shirking my duty, the requisite vacation sunset picture

Now all we need is for the wind to stop blowing so hard long enough that we can actually go sailing.

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