Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cruise to Indie

The forecast for this weekend was rain rain and more rain so we decided to use the opportunity to take a little road trip to Indianapolis to see Grandson #1. Although Tim and Melanie have seen him a good bit in the last few weeks due to their frequent trips to Pittsburgh, I have been homebound and hadn't seen him in almost a month. Mom, Dad and baby are all doing well and Christopher even blessed Grandma by skipping his normal evening meltdown. In fact, we had a rather pleasant evening rocking and walking and chatting about all things baby. Some pictures:

And oh so suave in his little hat!

And what sailing blog would be comlete without a picture of the future sailor, complete with sailing overalls...

We did stop by the marina on the way home to install our freshly overhauled compass. I will post some pictures later. It was just too rainy to risk the camera. Hopefully next weekend we'll get some drier weather so I can get the gelcoat repair done and we can start on the porthole leak-fixing project. For this weekend, though, the cruise to Indie was just the thing.

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