Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gearing up

Except for a test ride (a bit chilly this morning around here) Deb's bike is done. The floor is done. The TV shouldn't be that big of a deal so the house is done for the season. Projects have gone into the "completed" file and its nice to have things a little bit under control again. And with the weather warming up in fits and starts I am getting ready to have the major projects center around Nomad once again. Engine, electrical, water and instrument systems all have items I hope to get squared away before too much of the season has passed.

The engine in particular has become a kind of personal crusade. As mentioned before, 2 cylinders, 9 HP, an alternator, starter, cooling loop and (supposedly) supporting a water heater, how can such a simple lump be such a constant source of problems? I am determined to beat that thing into submission this year.

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