Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter blues

The winter blues have arrived along with temperatures in single digits last night and the wind howling today. So I have been reading about boats. (I really want to get to work on Deb's bike but it is too freaking cold in the garage!) I'm in a "mono-hull" mood at the moment and reviewing some of my current favorites helps keep the chill away. (Prices are not a consideration when dreaming in the winter.) I'll list them here for anyone else who is looking to think of warm things on a cold day.

The Island Packet 485 tops my list at the moment; 48 feet long, center cockpit, and a tick over 1/2 mil. (Told you price was no object.) The build and interior make up for the less than jaunty exterior lines. The fore cabin is a bit blocky looking and I have no experience with the rigging of its foresail. But the interior is nearly perfect and she has a reputation for sea keeping, safety and toughness that is hard to pass. We saw one at the boat show and the impression of quality lingers.

Next is the Dufour 525. I just love the fore deck on that boat and the interior is pretty cool as well. Also about 1/2 mil. (No problem, I'll just sell the house three times!) It has a sleek look and though not a center cockpit boat it is not open transom either. A following sea would still seem a bit spooky, at least to my lake locked senses. Also, the reviews indicate that it needs a little systems work to be a true, blue water live aboard. On looks alone it is by far my favorite and I am becoming a fan of the clean deck, low cabin profile.

Then maybe the Gozzard 44CC, another center cockpit boat...and another 1/2 mill. They have a really nice, open interior with some innovative features. To my eye the outside lines are a bit more attractive than the Island Packet.

Anyway, its fun to compare features, put pictures up side by side, and mull over what it would be like to be night sailing in a building wind, the destination still days away and land nowhere to be seen. Sounds like a good time to me.

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