Saturday, January 17, 2009

Identity Crisis

After being off the boat for 2 months, I find I'm suffering a bit of an identity crisis. I'm discovering, much to my dislike, that during the winter one must do all the things that one has not accomplished over the boating months - cleaning closets, tending to the piles of paperwork on the desk, holiday busy-ness, home repair, car repair, bike repair, body repair (see holiday busy-ness)...the list seems endless and as the weeks of list-tending go on the boat identity seems to be fading and the non-boat identity is becoming entirely too familiar. It leaves one a little disoriented, a little "disconnected" as Tim put it today when one is living one life but one's heart is in another. Winter isolates most of us in our homes, but I feel particularly isolated since most of our friends are marina friends. We do get the once-a-month social events but they sometimes only serve to accent the weeks till Spring. As Tim mentioned a few posts ago, we went out to the marina last weekend to check on things and I breathed a sigh of relief as we sat on the boat and visited with friends. An odd thing, this. I'm sure the more I think about it (she says with a sly grin) that the only solution to save me from this identity crisis is to move to the boat full time.

An empty winter marina

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