Monday, September 22, 2008

Racing Nomad

Well, we tried to race Nomad but the wind was pretty light and, truth to tell, when it comes to racing I'm not very skilled. I can get where we want to go, eventually, sometimes the long way around...but that is not racing.

Like Deb I was just amazed at the night sail and it was so much fun to be out in a good wind again. Bashing our way through waves that threw spray into the cockpit, heeling hard, (We actually dragged the end of the boom in the water a couple of times!) and listening to the water rush past the hull are the things that make sailing, well, sailing. Throw in the moon light and the dark, the reflections and the dance of waves in the dark and it was close to being magic. I sure hope we get to do a lot more sailing after the sun goes down. I also hope that fall brings a few more breezy days for us to go out and play.

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Steve said...

Boating under a full moon on a clear night is about as good as it gets.