Sunday, September 21, 2008

Captain's Quarters

I met Tim at the boat on Thursday night because he was going to sail with some friends from the Com-pac forum early Friday. We spend a night on the boat in the middle of the week fairly often, but this is the first chilly night that we have, so we had to dig the new quilt out from under the V-berth. I bought the quilt because it's ultra-light and made of some kind of silky material that would dry quickly in the event that it got wet. For those of you who have never actually lived on a boat and think you might want to some day, take note: this is a good plan, since everything that is on a boat will eventually get wet. If it doesn't get wet from the bow spray coming in the portholes while you sail, it will get wet when you don't move quickly enough to close the hatch that resides directly over the V-berth when it starts raining at 2:30am, or it will get wet when you come in the boat with wet rain gear on, or it will get wet when the water jug you have resting on the shelf above it suddenly decides to spring a leak.

But I digress. Friday morning rolls around and I have to be out of bed by 5:45 in order to make it to work on time. Alas, the quilt seems to work even better than anticipated and it turns out that getting out of bed to go to work is much harder when that bed is gently rocking on the water and an unexpectedly cool breeze is wafting through the hatch and you are snuggled deep under this fabulous quilt. Being the self-disciplined person that I am I managed to pull it off, but not by much. Here's a picture of the V-berth with the new quilt.

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