Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The List

The plan is to spend the holiday weekend on Nomad. We hope to get there Thursday late afternoon and not leave until Sunday. The list of things that need tending;

The horn doesn’t honk.

The anchor light doesn’t.

Small leak of some kind in the port lazarette; maybe engine coolant.

Hang a fourth fender.

Final fit and finish of the screen door.

No inlet water for the head. (This one we might let go for a while. Someone suggested that using stored water for the head was a much better idea then using the bacteria rich waters of the lake.)

Install the refinished galley cupboard doors.

Replace a stripped screw in the companionway hatch slide.

Measure for the new cockpit cushions.

Install the new hose at the dock box and deep six the old one. (Really, I’ll just put it in the trash.)

We also think we might “anchor out” for a night, our first such night “on the hook.” Maybe we’ll head over by the marina where we took our class. We have some friends there and we would like them to see Nomad.

There is supposed to be some weather around this weekend as well. Just like we do with the bikes and I do with the sky, we make plans for the boat, plans to deviate from. Like motorcycles and airplanes, when it comes to boats Mother Nature has the last word.

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