Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cove 4 and the Drifter

Boulder Yacht Club had a party scheduled in Cove 4 across the lake on Saturday but unfortunately the wind didn't cooperate, so 12 sailboats, 2 jetskis and a trimaran all motored over to cove 4 at around noon. We spent the afternoon enjoying the cool water, chili dogs and fritos, and good company. It is possible, I find out, to tread water and keep one's beer from getting lake water in it, a skill even more amazing when demonstrated by someone smoking a cigar. The wind began to pick up steadily through the afternoon and by 5 we were all ready to take advantage of it to sail home. The entire raft-up had moved with the wind so that the anchor rodes had worked underneath the boats which made it a little trickier getting apart than it was getting together, but everyone made it safe and no boats were scratched. We put up our drifter sail again and made it back to the marina at a pretty good clip. I guess it's pretty appropriate to have a sail called a drifter on a boat called Nomad. We tried to sail today with the drifter but there was just no wind to speak of, so we motored on back to the marina and worked on the boat a little. Some of the teak needed touching up and it was a great day for it since the varnish dries so quickly in the heat. After a stellar performance docking at the pump-out we decided to head home where it was a little cooler. I have to tell you I'm starting to daydream about cool, windy days wrapped up in jackets and drinking hot chocolate on the boat....

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