Monday, May 12, 2008

Go with the flow

I have been trading e-mails with the owner of the Com-Pac 27 Deb and I found a couple of weeks ago. It turns out our visit helped motivate him to get the boat ready to sell but he is just “going with the flow.” The boat isn’t listed anywhere yet so we may still have a (long) shot at that one. I smiled at his “going with the flow” comment. Deb and I have taken on the same kind of attitude. Without really trying very hard the BMW will probably be sold by the end of the week. We may have found someone to buy the little Suzuki as well. That will reduce the rolling two-wheel stock by half. The truck is also for sale though it may be a bit optimistic to think it will go very fast or for a very good price. (Something about gas prices…)

While it feels like we are more and more committed to making the boat thing happen, we are also less and less frantic about it. I will not be disappointed if the Com-Pac works out. I will not be disappointed if it doesn’t because some other boat will. No boat is perfect and unless I take complete leave of my senses, (something that Deb is pretty good about catching and preventing) no boat will be a disaster either. This is still a “beginner” boat. We will not be heading out to sea in this one and will live on it only for weekends and holidays. Big waves on the lake might make 2 feet and no matter which direction one looks land will always be in sight. Unless something drastic happens this will be the way we live for the next couple of years at least, and maybe a few more than that. (I do like the idea of buying even a first boat that we could have hauled over to the Mississippi. Once there we could get in, sail south until the water turns salty, hang a left, pass a couple of Keys, hang another left, and end up where we want. We would probably never do that, but it would feel good to have the option.)

Boats have moved to the top of my interest list, right next to motorcycles and a bit ahead of airplanes. I’m on the ground for most of this month with maybe just a couple of lessons in the Cub to get me airborne. Next Sunday I head for Tucson, AZ for four days of learning how to run the new FMS equipment that is being installed in the Citation. I suspect it will be about 2 hours of information crammed into four days of boredom. In any case it is more of the same. Maybe airplanes will move back to the top once I am back in the sky. I was telling Kristin the other day my perfect place would be living on a boat with my motorcycle parked in the lot that I used to ride to my Challenger (or Gulfstream or Falcon) job at the airport. But for now we just go with the flow, confident at the moment we are heading in the right direction.

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