Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A baby step closer

I have traded a couple of more emails with the owner of the Com-Pac. It seems he is in no real hurry to list the thing so Deb and I are the only ones really looking at the boat. It may still be a long shot, but not a long, long shot. Odds improved when I dropped off the K-bike at the new owner’s garage a week or so ago. Two days later the check went into the bank and landed squarely in the “boat fund.” The little bike isn’t sold yet though and I’m thinking we are just going to have to live with the truck.

So my hopes for a Fourth of July launch seem to be fading a bit. Not only am I going to try and be responsible about the money part of it, (well not me so much as Deb keeping me from doing something really dumb, like buying the boat first and figuring out how to pay for it afterward) but also I may have to go back to actually being a Captain again pretty soon, though of a Citation V rather then a Com-Pac 27. The airplane isn’t quite finished yet but should be flying by the end of the week. The first week in June is already pretty full with four consecutive days of flying and an overnight in Biloxi. While there I might even indulge in a little more boat watching. But being back in the sky and on the road (a good thing) will put a dent in boat buying activities (a bad thing).

We spent the holiday weekend in Pittsburgh both visiting family and having family visit us. Amber and Catherine flew in from Cape Cod, so with Melanie also in attendance the only missing were Michael (being a Priest he tends to work on weekends) Kristin & Brian (busy moving to Indy) and my brother Tommy and his wife Deb, (still recovering from funding a graduation). The unanimous consensus of all in attendance was that the boat idea is a good one. Even my Mom likes it; at least I think she does. Maybe she just likes it more than the motorcycles? She did like the pictures of the Com-Pac I pulled up on the Internet. I think granddaughter Catherine was the most enthused but, since I haven’t learned to actually speak baby Catherine yet, maybe I misunderstood. At least she didn’t point to boat pictures and say, “No no no no no.” That was her response when I tried to take her out of the swing at the park. I take that as proof she will love the motion of a sailboat.

Speaking of motorcycles Deb and I did the one-day, 620 mile run from Monroeville to St. Louis, finding some rain and the backside of a cold front along the way. We ended up in rain suits, heavy coats, heavy gloves, and neck warmers and were still chilled; this on a Memorial Day weekend ride. I’m sure summer will get here eventually.

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