Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Catamaran would be very useful about now...

It's been raining buckets for days around here and people are hesitantly using the words "1993 flood" in more whispered sentences. Could it be that we are headed for the third 500-year flood in 15 years? The weather has been consistently cold for this time of year, some 20 degrees below normal and I've spent way too much time at the computer drooling over the new Gunboat 48 Catamaran. Check it out through the new link I added. Way out of our price range unless we win the lottery (Oh wait you actually have to play to win...) but loads of fun to dream about. I did put the 2008 Annapolis Boat Show officially on our calendar so we can go check out our retirement homes. In the mean time, we may be trading in our motorcycles for jet skis just to get to work!

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