Friday, September 14, 2007

I got to class early so I could poke around the parked boats a little. The owner of the place showed me around several of the boats he has in his lot, the largest being a 41 foot Hunter. It was a pretty thing; it was also a pretty little thing. The inside was gorgeous and included two bedrooms, two heads, galley, stateroom and Nav station, all of it very close together. Maybe part of the "smallness" came from the fact that the "windows" were tiny and up very high. Understandable since this is an ocean going boat and one would expect heavy weather to put the waves up on the deck and washing over the cabin. Now THAT would be a ride! Still, looking at the interior and thinking, "This is a house...."

In any case I am really looking forward to spending the weekend on the water and learning a new thing. Hopefully the wind will be blowing as hard in the morning as it was tonight.

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